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小满| 花未全开月未圆,人生最好是小满 Grain Full| The flowers are not yet fully open, the moon is not yet round, and the best state of life is a little contentment.

小满时节 雨水充足 丰收在望 小满 才是最好的人生状态 这个夏天 愿你不负时光 知足常乐 愿你能收获人生中的小满 拥抱刚刚好的幸福 一切随心 小满即好 On Grain Full, rain Water is sufficient. A bumper harvest is in sight A little contentment is the best state of life This summer,  may you live up to your ...

Analysis of Common Faults of Power Transformer —— JONCHN Electric

Power transformer is a kind of power equipment that changes the AC voltage and is one of the core equipment in power system. in the process of power transmission and distribution, power transformer is the core of energy conversion and transmission. it is the only way for various industries of the...

The Past Life and Present Life of Electric Power

Mobile phones, computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines…… Electrical appliances are full of human production and life. Do you know the past life and this life of electricity, as the most important part of it? In 1660, Garek of Madelberg invented the first friction motor. In ...


After more than 30 years of development, it has developed into a specialized company with international operation.

About Jonchn

JONCHN Group, founded in 1988, is headquartered in Liushi, Wenzhou, the “electrical capital of China”. It specializes in the R & D, production and sales of transmission and distribution equipment, intelligent fire protection, power supply and other products. the implementation of parts production to finished product sales and service in one of the professional company.