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 DTSD601 Energy meter

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Product Brief Introduction
opting large-scale IC, digital sampling processing technology and SMT technology. The meters having integrated advanced technology are designed and manufactured based on customized energy consumption requirement of industrial customers.
Standards compliant: IEC62053-21:2003and IEC62052-11:2003, The meter is designed with capability of metering import and export active and reactive energy, demand, active and reactive energy by phase, two RS485 interfaces, modulated IR communication and meter reading via button and IR port, etc. The meter is highlighted with reliable performance, high accuracy and convenient operation.

Function Features
1)Measure power energy andcalculate reverse electricity as normal electric power;
(2)Few periphery component,simple structure,low power consumption;
(3)Adopt high reliability and long life electronic component,so the meter assumes feature of high reliabili- ty and long life;
(4)adopts advanced microelectronics technology、large-scale integrated circuits and digital sampling technology,do not need calibrate for long term operation
(5)One card for only one user,well protected from forgery;
(6)Multi-tariff: Automatic switching of calendar, timing and leap year, etc. is provided, where change of calendar and time is designed with measure for unauthorized operation; A maximum number of 4 time zones, 4 tariffs, 14 time periods, 10 public holidays, 8 daily TOU schemes are provided, where weekend can be configured
(7)Instantaneous quantity including voltage, current, active power, apparent power, power factor and phase angle, etc. can be measured.
(8)The meter is designed with four energy freezing modes:
(a). Freezing of instantaneous energy (b). Freezing of timed energy.
(c). Preset energy freezing. (d). Daily freezing.
(9)The meter is designed with sound alarm or light alarm for prompt in case of loss of voltage, undervolt- age, loss of current, overcurrent, loss of phase, active reversal, cover opening, low battery and internal circuit failure, etc.
(10)The meter is designed with IR port and RS485 interfaces, where the communication baud rate can be configured from 1200 to 9600 bps. The communication baud rate of IR port is 1200bps.

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