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 DDZY601 Energy meter

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Product Brief Introduction
the data exchange medium. User will load the prepaid kWh, with settlement in terms of kWh. This meter is equipped with digital keypad interface, which is used for active energy metering & prepayment controlling. Besides the meter also has Infrared communication, RS485 or RF communication, metering element, real time clock unit, load control switch and other auxiliaries.
DDZY601 model is a Single Phase Keypad Meter using kWh as settle- ment mode. User purchases energy amount and meter will decrease the residual energy amount gradually. When the residual quantity is zero, meter will cut off power supply. When the residual energy is 0 or the allowable overdraft that both sides agreed, this meter will send out power-off signal to have load switch cut off power. The power will be recovered automatically after inputting new purchased energy amount.

Function Features
1)Measure power energy and calculate reverse electricity as normal electric power;
(2)Adopt high reliability and long life electronic component,so the meter assumes feature of high reliability and long life;
(3)adopts advanced microelectronics technology、large-scale integrated circuits and digital sampling technology,do not need calibrate for long term operation
(4)Prepayment mode of power consumption that is paying first, consuming later
(5)This meter adopts STS algorithm(NRS 009-6-7,NRS 009-6-8, NRS 009-6-9)and a complete safety management system which is highly secured, and completely compatible with other STS certified systems.
(6)With function of anti-tamper that can prevent usual tamper methods
(7)With event recording function (including cover-opening event, tamper event and power failure event)

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