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 DDSY86 Energy meter

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Product Brief Introduction
The DDSY86 type single-phase electronic prepayment watt-hour meter(with IC card) uses a special energy measuring chipto convert the energy signal into the pulse signal. Then the pulse signal was processed by the microprocessor to achieve the prepayment usage and energy control. The meter could offer anti-counterfeiting function, encryption function, current limitation and cut-in or cut-off the circuit automatically. And help the power usage department to control the prepayment management. The total active power is directly displayed by character wheel register, LED digital display shows the residual electrical quantity, number of purchasing times and the total prepaid capacity.

Function Features
(1)Measure power energy and display the number with character wheel register, can calculate reverse electricity as normal electric power;
(2)Few periphery component,simple structure,low power consumption;
(3)Adopt high reliability and long life electronic component,so the meter assumes feature of high reliability and long life;
(4)adopts advanced microelectronics technology、large-scale integrated circuits and digital sampling technology,do not need calibrate for long term operation;
(5)One card for only one user,well protected from forgery;
(6)Auto cut-off for overload;

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